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Adventures With Madi & Zero

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Close up of my new gems.

I love New York, I love New York so much that it hurts my head, but even the most loyal New York Transplants need to get out of the madness that is the city. Madi and I set out with absolutely no plans, just a need for some sunshine and some space for Zero to stretch his legs. Thanks to my complete lack of spatial intelligence we ended up in a pretty strange area of Pennsylvania when we were trying to go to Lancaster(Amish County). We were about three hours out of the way. OOPS. Madi was an amazing sport about it, and we just drove to the first huge green area we saw on google maps.(not kidding) So, on we went to New Jersey.

Now, if you’re like me and have seen or heard of the show “Jersey Shore” you already have a stigma associated with New Jersey. SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. Wow, it’s so so beautiful. You can get from the Beaches in Surf City to the forest in just 10 minutes. The people are so inviting and sweet. Some dinner and a few drinks later we set out to find a place to sleep. We slept in the car and it was super rough for me at first because I have a huge fear of sleeping when I’m newly tattooed, but then sweet Madi switched spots with me so I could cuddle with Zero(finally had a boy slept next to me) all night in the back seat. Woke up to Coffee, and Sam Cooke on the 1’s and 2’s.(Madi is the perfect boyfriend) We still had this insatiable need for sunlight and greenery so we went back into the forest and played around in the sun for a bit before we headed to Cheesequake, yes I wanna say CHEESECAKE State Park. It was gorgeous, and it felt like a dream world.

There was a fort made entirely of sticks(would love an explanation of who built that and the engineering behind it) there were beautiful bridges, a sea of reed plants, and the best lighting I’ve ever seen. Basically highlights were getting stuck on the beach in our F150, eating so much I thought I was going to vom, running through the forest with Zero, Madi doing really funny things and teaching me about photography, laughing so much my stomach hurts, and enjoying nature.Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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Anarchy in New Jersey.
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Not driving an F150.
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Stick fort in Cheesequake Park
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Naked in nature.
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Sweet Zero enjoying his much needed space.

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ALL PHOTOS WERE TAKEN BY MADI(@madimarie) ON HER CAMERA. I decided to not include IPHONE photos on my first post, but can’t make promises for the next.

xo, T.